The City of Bathurst was named after the 3rd Earl Bathurst in 1815 whose family had lived in Cirencester since 1705. His descendants still live in Cirencester marking three centuries of strong connection with the town.

Following a visit to Cirencester in 2016 by a City of Bathurst regional councillor, the then Mayor of Bathurst approached Cirencester Town Council with a proposal to develop a friendship between our two regional capitals – this website celebrates that friendship.


"To promote awareness, communication and opportunities between the people and organisations of our two regional capitals; based on friendship, commerce, education, sports and tourism."

The friendship initiative is supported by Cirencester Town Council, Cirencester Community Development Trust, the 9th Earl Bathurst and Bathurst Regional Council.

Meet some of the Bathurst Friendship team in Cirencester


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A wonderful global community

When we do things together we are a community and if we can do things, however small, with friends thousands of miles away, we create wider communities and, lets face it, we need to build a lot more friendship in the world

So please tell you friends and colleagues about the friendship – the mark of success will be that when a person from Bathurst or Cirencester arrives in their sister community, residents will understand the relevance of where they are from and receive a warm welcome – as of course any visitor to our communities do – lets lead the way in not only being a wonderful local community, but being a part of a wonderful global community.

Machattie Park Bathurst