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Over 10,530 Miles of Friendship

Promoting awareness, communication and opportunities between the people and organisations of our two regional capitals; based on friendship, commerce, education, sports and tourism

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About the Friendship Initiative

In 1815 the City of Bathurst NSW, Australia was named after the third Earl Bathurst whose family home was and still is over 10,530 miles away in Cirencester, UK.

200 years later the connection was reinforced through a formal friendship agreement between Cirencester Town Council and Bathurst Regional Council with the aim of promoting awareness, communication, and opportunities between people and organisations to connect the regional capitals; based on friendship, commerce, education, sports, and tourism.

The Friendship Initiative works with local people and organizations to promote cross-cultural exchange and foster deeper understanding and appreciation between the communities of Cirencester and Bathurst. Through our various programs and initiatives, we aim to build lasting connections that enrich the lives of all involved. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for both Cirencester and Bathurst.

Benefits of the Friendship Initiative

Students attending the Cirencester Bathurst Climate Change Conference


The Young Persons' Exchange offers a unique and unforgettable opportunity for young people from Cirencester to visit Bathurst, immerse themselves in the rich heritage and scenic beauty of the region, forge enduring friendships with their Australian peers, and develop valuable skills and personal growth.

Through our School Partnership Programme, we are giving students the opportunity to learn, experience, and collaborate with their peers on the other side of the world. In 2022, the Cirencester Bathurst Climate Change Conference was held at Cirencester College with the aim of getting local secondary school students thinking about important climate change issues outside the typical school lesson format.


We facilitate connections between businesses in both regions. We give local producers and retailers the opportunity to showcase and sell their products in Bathurst as part of the Cotswold Collection in the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre.



We provide connections for those interested in visiting our friends on the other side of the world.

Bathurst is an amazing inland region, over the Blue Mountains and is rich with history and gold rush heritage. It is the spiritual home of motorsports in Australia and has abundant natural beauty from the nearby river to the surrounding bushland.

Cirencester—a historic market town located on the site of the Roman Corinium—boasts a rich heritage and is a popular destination for visitors interested in history, culture, and nature. It is the ancestral home of Earl Bathurst and the renowned Cirencester Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Support the Friendship

We're committed to creating opportunities for the people of Cirencester and Bathurst. The generosity of our supporters enables us to do this.

By contributing to the Friendship, you'll be helping to create enriching experiences and forge new opportunities for both communities.