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Our Approach

Over the past few years we have had many visitors to Cirencester. We have also seen people from Cirencester visiting Bathurst.

Through these trips both in Cirencester and Bathurst friendship and relationship including business connections are starting to be formed.

Below are just some of the visitors we have seen here in Cirencester

Andrew Prior April 2018

Stephen & Glenda Birrell July 2018

Mr and Mrs Russell September 2018

Jenn Arnold & Stephen Jackson August 2019


We have also had people from Cirencester including the First path finder Alice Chandler read all about Alice's story here. Alice is currently helping Cirencester College with selecting the next student.

Mark Harris was one of the first people to help set up this friendship. Mark has been a driving force behind the friendship and still continues to support and help with the future plans.

Simon King after hearing about the friendship when it launched in 2017, was intrigued to find out more. Over the past three years Simon has visited Bathurst twice and has built connections with education, tourism and trade.

Our Story