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There are many different way to get involved with The Bathurst Friendship.

We do have visitors regularly to Cirencester from Bathurst. Many local businesses have be kind enough to help with tours, accommodation, transport and meals as well as entertainment including 'The Barn TheatreĀ  and Corinium Museum. We have also been very lucky to have local peopleĀ  who have also been happy to give our visitors local tours.

We are also working with Cirencester College to help select our next young student to have a fully paid trip to Bathurst Australia. Alice Chandler was the first student to travel to Australia in 2019, you can read all about Alice's trip here. Alice recently presented at the College to those students who have shown an interest. A selection process is currently underway to find our next young person. We hope to have an update from the college by the end of March 2020.

When the group was originally set up many local business kindly offered sponsorship in order to secure these young people had this opportunity. We are now looking at other ways of raising funds.

If you are a business and would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities please do contact us

One success story where two groups have set up a friendship is Cirencester Chamber of Commerce and Bathurst Chamber. Over the last two years both Chambers have helped each other with judging entries

Here is a video from Angus Edwards from 2019 who sent this lovely message to all the Cirencester Entries


Here is a video all about Bathurst and what both Bathurst and Cirencester plans are for the future of this friendship.


Get involved...

The best way to get involved is to:

  1. Contact someone in the friendship community with similar interests - Sport, hobbies, business, culture etc. And build a link.
  2. Make sure you visit the friendship community when you are travelling to the respective countries.