Graham & his wife Merylyn and friends Helen & Sam Sheffer, arrived in Cirencester on the 13th September 2018. They enjoyed a lovely day with Simon King and Claire Wardell. They enjoyed tours of The parish church, Bingham Gallery and finished the day with a tour of The Bathurst mansion kindly given by Lord Bathurst.

In October 2018 Alice Chandler visited Graham & Merylyn’s Farm.

As you can see we’ve had Alice out to our property for a visit- a full-on day which included mustering and tagging/inoculating/weighing groups of calves as well as feeding out.

Alice took to everything like a natural and was a real delight. We couldn’t help being impressed by her confidence and enthusiasm.

She met Jess Jennings over lunch and did a media interview where she discussed her experiences and reflected on the value of the Friendship Initiative. So far as I can see it has been a most valuable experience for her and believe Alice to have been an excellent “ambassador” for Cirencester.